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Manchurian Cherry / 4 3/4" / Random Length

 Noted for hardness, admired for look, and respected for milling  expertise, Hand Scraped Cherry will give you the look, quality, and  character, to enhance any room in your home. There are some color  variations to provide the look and charm desired. 

Janka Teak / 4 3/4" / Random Length


Straight, occasionally wavy grain and is fairly coarse and uneven in  texture. Teak has a high resistance to decay and termite attack. A hard  and durable wood, it falls between black cherry and black walnut in  hardness. This particular Teak may become scuffed in heavy traffic.

Berber Loop Pile, Wall-to-Wall Carpeting


Available in a variety of colors, this loop pile Berber is perfect for  high-traffic areas, including bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways. This  cotton poly blend is stain and wear resistant and will beautify your  home for years. 

12 x 36 in. Cultured Marble Tile


For a classic, elegant look, this European cut style of cultured  marble is sure to complete any room. Stays warm in the winter and cool  in the summer, creating the perfect environment and ambiance for your  home.

Flooring to fit any decor - Design Special

 Bring us your design elements and we will work with you to choose  flooring that will fit any decor in any room. Custom Design services are  on special for Spring. Spruce up your home and your live with a new  look.